New Panasonic RQ2102 on ebay $31 with shipping

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If anyone is looking the original Apple recommended cassette player for their Apple II, Apple I or Mimeo, on ebay someone must have gotten a bunch, either panasonic actually shipped new ones or they found some in a warehouse. Lately almost everyone on the net has been out of this one and the ones that had them had prices that went normally from $30 to $60 or more. I just grabbed one last week slightly used for around the same price plus shipping so I paid $40 total, so this is a great deal at $31 for brand spanking new. I hadn't removed the search from my eBay alerts on my phone yet so when a new posting appeared I was a little upset I paid too much last week (haven't even got it in the mail yet), but thought I'd feel better if my fellow AppleFritter friends at least got a good deal Smile

Link to RQ2102 on eBay


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Re: New Panasonic RQ2102 on ebay $31 with shipping

the RQ2102, is still made by panasonic. you can get them on amazon et cetera brand new. there is a little shop about 20 miles from me that if you ring them they either have 2 or 3 in stock or they can order one for you. I have been pondering a Brain Board+R2102 for my //e. I would like an apple-1 replica but just can't afford it. but still $31 is very good I think its in the same ball park in GBP (£30-£40+shipping).