Why did Apple keep making plain Apple II's?

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Here I have this specimen from the University of NC. It's a very late Apple II, from 1980.

This one has AppleSoft ROMs in it, also. (As well as a Videx and Saturn board).

Why did Apple keep making non-Plus Apple II's this long?

EDIT: Well, I guess this is technically only 6 months after the Plus was released...

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Re: Why did Apple keep making plain Apple II's?

There was a very good reason Apple still made the “integer basic” model for a while after the II plus was released with AppleSoft. Many people didn’t have disk drives yet so it would be a hassle to load integer basic off cassette just to use their existing software. Later on they created the ROM card to simplify this. Also remember there was no guarantee that AppleSoft would completely replace integer basic. Integer basic is still a faster executing language, it just lacked a bunch of features and wasn’t very MS basic compatible (the standard at the time)

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Re: Why did Apple keep making plain Apple II's?

If a business or school that already had one or more Apple II then they were likely to want a machine they could run the same software on. Some bought by people who could get copies of software from work or friends

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Re: Why did Apple keep making plain Apple II's?

Integer ROMs included one or two things of interest to programmers that were dropped in the Applesoft ROM.

But mostly I think, in those days of limited computer knowledge, that many purchasing departments just played it safe and ordered more of what they knew worked.