Apple I

Apple 1 Basic Excel Comparison

A comparison of Apple 1 Basics. I believe what I call Pagetable is the same as Achim Breidenbacher

Datanetics Keyboard Build

Building an Apple I supply- Triad

Apple-1 Multiplexer Gerber

This is the gerber file for the Apple-1 Keyboard Multiplexor.

Apple 1 Infocom Interpreter Preloader

Pre-loader for Apple II Infocom interpreter version "A" to allow games to be played on an Apple 1 with a CFFA1 card. Load preloader at $0500, interpreter at $0800, and store game file in current prefix on the CFFA1 as INFOCOM.DAT

Execute $0500 to run, $0600 to re-enter.

Apple I, possible Homebrew query

I’m researching a book on that era as it relates to the formation of Apple. I represent the owner of an Apple I, and we're attempting to trace its ownership history down through the years.

8k Apple I ASCII Graphics Lunar Lander (With ACI Audio Hack)

This is a highly modified version of Lunar Lander (Rocket) from 101 Basic Computer Games, where the original has no graphics, this has ASCII graphics with a lot of hidden effects Smile
This will run on an 8k Apple-1 or Mimeo with Basic loaded

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the Apple I ACI output

Hook up a +40-60db microphone pre-amp to your stereo (If your TV you are using as a monitor has a good amp built in you may hear something on max volume) or use a bass guitar or PA amp like I am, though I tested my DYNEX 15" TV on max volume and can hear it.

Then type attached basic program....

or load the wav file after loading basic

4A.00FFR 800.FFFR

8k Apple I BASIC Checkers (Enhanced) WAV file (Updated)

Here is the WAV file for my modified version of Apple I Checkers. This is based on the Vince Briel Checkers he modified from 101 Basic Computer Games, but this version has some usability enhancements. Vince's game was true to the book, but I found it hard to keep track of what was going on and counting positions wasn't fun after the first few moves.

Note: You must load Basic first...

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