Anyone have a Rhodes CHROMA interface card?

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Hi all,

I'm not only a big Apple II fan, but also love old music synthesizers/keyboards. I'm soon to be the new owner of a Rhodes CHROMA synthesizer from 1982; this instrument was one of the first that enabled interfacing with the Apple II to allow sound creation and music composition.
To do so, one needed a CHROMA interface card installed in their Apple.

It would be awesome to obtain one of these cards and hook my Apple II up to my new CHROMA for some early 80s state-of-the-art electronic music capabilities!
My understanding is that the ONLY application for this card is interfacing with the CHROMA synthesizer.

So does anyone happen to have one of these cards lying around in their stash that they'd consider selling me?

Please see attached picts; looks like the card has the "Rhodes" company logo on it for identification.


CHROMA and Apple II.jpg47.75 KB
Rhodes CHROMA AII card.jpg28.54 KB

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Re: Anyone have a Rhodes CHROMA interface card?


The last time I seen one of these cards up on eBay was early last year (if my brain still functions correctly).
It was not up for auction long. It was swooped up really fast.
I have not seen one, or anything close to it, since then.
Someone out there must have one.
Good hunting. Smile


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