Apple //c

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hmm, either the owner of this machine woke up from a long time coma, or the apple //c is in high demand.

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Re: Apple //c

*spits coffee in shock*

Wow. That's....someone with either high expectations, or an ego as large as their asking price.


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Re: Apple //c


You should have placed this in the "This Is Laughable" Topic.
It covers all the items like this that come up for auction.

I have said it once and I'll keep on saying it... These people do not come from this planet. They have come from far, far away and know not anything about pricing a IIc.
Or anything else for that matter.

They place a price on it so high that no one will touch it, and then wonder why they cannot get it sold.

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Re: Apple //c

I've seen nib platinum //e's go for $2,900 and actually move!


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Re: Apple //c

LOL... Yep ... But the //c is still a cool little apple Shock) Plays all my warez Shock)

But my second choice is a super clean //e Enhanced! Like the feel of the keyboard better .


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