Apple II late 1978

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Some pictures of recent finds. Finded an late 1978 original Apple II and early 1980 Apple II europlus among with some cards.

The 1978 Apple II does have however Apple II badge wich i'm in a process of replacing with the original badge.

Oddly the 1978 Apple II had one Integer ROM chip and others were Applesoft II ROM's. I borrowed the ROM's from the Europlus, cleaned it up
and it booted right up (used known working powersupply from my Apple II+ for the first boot). As there were an ROM Card (oddly in Europlus!)
with Applesoft II ROM's, could assume the Apple II came with Integer ROM's originally. Would be cool to replace those.

The keyboard have few issues, enter wont work, some keys give repeats (stuck key a bit).

Board seems to be Revision 2, serial 7843, case serial A2S1-9904.

Great very early Apple II imported to finland! I know for a fact there were serial #1024 but that was lost some 10 years ago in "storage accident".

A2_serial_f.jpg157.96 KB
A2_power_light_rised_f.jpg134.71 KB
A2_motherboard_rev2_code_f.jpg162.75 KB
A2_motherboard_full_f.jpg463.62 KB
A2_keyboard_issues_f.jpg168 KB
A2_Keyboard Revision A OCT 20 1978 Serial 5049_f.jpg168.31 KB
A2_case_serial_A2S1-9904_f.jpg134.94 KB
A2_cards_f.jpg233.02 KB
A2_boots_f.jpg180.78 KB
A2_1978_PSU.jpg1.84 MB

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Re: Apple II late 1978

Very Nice... Looks in good shape... I have not seen a Rev-02 MB, and now I have.. I have a Rev-03 and a Rev-01...

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Re: Apple II late 1978

They made those Revision 2 motherboards quite short time, 8/78-12/78 so far i know of.

Found also an Disk II interface card with original 13 Sector ROM's from inside an Europlus i got about an year ago. Never noticed that before.

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Re: Apple II late 1978

Cool. I wish I was able to find stuff like that!

I notice the gold power supply.. when did Apple begin using those? I keep reading conflicting info with some sources saying a2s1 powwr supplies werw silver.. and others saying gold were used not too long in.

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Re: Apple II late 1978

The PSU on the picture came from II+ wich i used. The machine itself, came with similar golden colored powersupply with serial 017768 (added one more image from the PSU inner parts).

I am not sure why the lid has II+ on it, was it upgraded from Integer ROM's to Applesoft II ROM's? Nothing else seems to be done. Might be also that the PSU was swapped.

The earliest (atleast few of the early Revision 0 machines that were imported, wish i knew more details how many!) that were imported here, came with 115V PSU's and they were swapped/altered to run with 230V. This however is 230V Apple original.