Beginning hardware projects

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I wasn't sure where to put this, I figured anything I would hypothetically produce would be for the Apple II so I figured I'd start here.

I'm interested in learning about hardware development, especially in the Apple II arena. I was just wondering if anyone had any good starting points? Where did you start? Any tips for beginners? All responses are greatly appreciated.


WTB IIgs accelerator

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Re: Beginning hardware projects

Instead of starting another thread.... how about just looking for existing threads and probably just joining for example
"Hardware Developement and special Topics" ? There have been several projects already in that thread....
and i would be glad for anybody else joining the thread.... or placing there some questions....
I´ll just answer such questions like placed here in that thread....
sincerely speedyG


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Re: Beginning hardware projects

Check out the Wiki that I am in progress of putting together. This is focused on using my SUPERPROTO board that I should have available, sometime next month.
In particular, check out the blinking LED experiment. I hope to get some other experiments online in the future and will allow others to add there own experiments, which is why I choose the wiki format.

Mike W