Belkin ADB to USB adapter?

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I've been looking on-and-off for an ADB to USB adapter to use with both my MDD G4 and PC (through a KVM). The Macintosh Extended Keyboard II is such a great keyboard to type on, so I'd like to have it set up on my primary machines.

Problem is, the Griffin adapter commands a high price, but I've seen the Belkin adapter for much less.

Has anyone used the Belkin version, and if so are there any issues of compatibility, etc.? It'll be running with various OS X flavours, OS 9, Win7, XP and Ubuntu Linux.


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Re: Belkin ADB to USB adapter?

I have no experience with the Belkin, but if you'd like two other data points, I've found the CompuCable mini-ADB adapter works fine with all keyboards and mice that I've tried. The Unitech PW201-5 ADB To USB adapter, which is designed for barcode readers, does not work reliably. My expectation is that if you're just trying to use keyboards and mice, you'll have no trouble whatsoever with the Belkin.



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Re: Belkin ADB to USB adapter?

I remember, once upon a time, seeing PCI cards with ADB connectors. I think I may also remember a SCSI PCI card that had both Serial and ADB connectors, as well. Yeah, that was my favorite keyboard, too, until I bought a USB Macally Icekey which I lent to my wife and she won't give it back. Now I'm using a USB Kensington Slim Type Keyboard which is great. too. Both are fast to type on and easy on the fingers.