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So most of us have read the very informative article today about Data Mining 101 that Tom Owad has written. This was the most comprehensive article I have ever read on the subject and I extremely appreciate that it was dedicated towards using a Mac since we can see exactly what software to complete the tasks.

In a similar vein to this topic, I am interested in protecting myself against this type of hacking, especially against SPAM. Obviously, all of us have been privvy to SPAM, and often by the same deviants who send us constant emails telling us about Viagra and Cialis knockoffs, etc. It's clear that there are certain lists that make their way around the hacking universe that contain your email and contact info. I'm sure these lists are also updated and added to.

The real question here is how can we locate any of these lists and either distroy them all together or at least delete our information off of them. Once doing this, it would take a while for these newley altered lists to propogate among the spammers, but I believe that it would make a difference down the road.

I'd be curious if anyone here knows a system that is underground regarding this topic.

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How do you get yourself off o

How do you get yourself off of a spam list? Change your e-mail address. Once one spam list gets your address, it gets passed around very quickly -- and using the opt-out option found at the bottom of some spam messages rarely works, and in many cases will actually cause you to get more. The best way to keep from getting spam is to simply get a new e-mail account, and then never post your address on the Web (to keep spiders from grabbing it), and only e-mail people you know.


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Agreed- BUT

I agree with your statement to get a new email address or simply post to online stores/forums, etc with an account you will expect to get SPAM with.

HOWEVER, I recently ran a test. I own a few domains and created a fake email address. I did not post this email address anywhere on the web or even use it to send email to people. Within a month I had received SPAM email to the account- without ever even using it or mentioning the address! I highly doubt it had anything to do with the host.

In my mind, SPAM is unavoidable, but perhaps altering these lists that go around is possible to stopping the spread of SPAM.

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I have multiple e-mail accounts.

Any time I have to put my e-mail addy anywhere on the net, I use one account that I expect to get spammed. Once I have established the credibility of a contact, I change the e-mail account to my main .Mac account. I almost never get spam on .Mac unless I have chosen to receive adds from my favorite online stores.

A few years ago, while filling out my IRS 1040, I included a "0" in the middle name field, as I have no middle name. My name, with the "0" was promptly added to a mail list, for which I still get mail.

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