What controls the Welcome to OS X intro movie

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Although I heartily enjoy the current intro movies to OS X, I wanted to make a custom one. I found where the audio and video files are. I was wondering if there is a preference file I could change to make the computer run the whole intro. I am making a custom computer for someone, so I am modifying the boot screen, and a few of the interfaces. I want it to have the intro.


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There's probably a .plist fil

There's probably a .plist file that can get modified to get the user setup to run after a reboot. What's probably an easier method (or at least one that doesn't involve hacking preference files) would be to use Carbon Copy Cloner, assuming you have an external FireWire drive. You'd tell CCC in the preferences to pull a disk image from the source drive, prepare the image for ASR (Apple Software Restore) and to enable the user setup app. Then just have CCC do its thing, save the image to the external drive, then wipe and reimage the internal drive from the image.


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