Dead Color classic

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Hi everyone,

I have a color classic in fairly decent shape--I bought it a long time ago, maybe about 6-7 years now. I haven't turned it on for at least 4, and when I went to boot it up, it didn't work--all I got was nothing...

I did hear the CRT charge up, and when I pulled the board, fan, hd, etc all made noise. Any suggestions? When I put it away, it worked just great and it was stored in my dark closet here in California--I didn't think it would go bad, honestly.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.


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Dead PRAM battery?

Dead PRAM battery?


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did you press the button on t

did you press the button on the keyboard?


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startup with keyboard powerkey?

A CC will only startup if you switch it on at the back, and then press a keyboard's power key. Same deal with all the 5xx all-in-one models.

dan k


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check the board?

I'm only repeating what I see around here, but check to see if there is any leakage of caps, battery, other stuff, etc...
If the CRT powers on, that means that the PAV is good, and so is the Powersupply. The only thing I can thing of, is that something is shorting out parts of the board.
And danke, i think the CRT powers on when the whole system is running. I don't think it will power on until the PSU supplies power to the whole system, at least, that's what i learned from my 5400...


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yeah I used a working ADB key

yeah I used a working ADB keyboard, even tried shorting the pins on the adb to get it to boot. I guess the boards bad...
LIke I said, when the board is pulled it makes all sorts of noise--hd spools up and so does the fan. I'll try pulling the ram next. What's a drop in replacement motherboard fot the CC?


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LC 475 boards seem most commo

LC 475 boards seem most common.....


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You might try checkign the vo

You might try checkign the voltages of the power supply. It sounds like you are getting 12v power, but not 5v. I've had the opposite happen on a 630 system. The mobo would power on, but not the HDD. Turned out that the 12v was shot. If I put in a laptop HDD that only took 5v, the system would run.


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Just resting

Let me commend to you Apple's (retired) Technical Note TN1079, which distinguishes between:

1) Passive Power Control, in systems where the power supply is turned off or on by a switch directly in line with the primary AC voltage to the supply.
2) Soft Power Control, in most Macintosh computers (at the time of writing of this TN), in which an internal microcontroller, amongst other things, manages the Macintosh power. Authentick Soft Power Control exists only (ignoring PowerBooks) in systems where AC voltage is always available to the power supply. That is, there is no AC on/off switch provided.
3) Pseudo-Soft Power Control, in certain Macintosh models, such as the Color/Colour Classic, LC475 and LC575, where an AC on/off switch is provided.

The upshot of this last is that, regardless of the state of the backup battery, a reluctant bride that will not start from the keyboard immediately after switch-on at the rear of the machine may, if allowed to sit for up to 24hr with mains power (the rear switch) on, start from the keyboard without further mishap.

I reported finding this behaviour a couple of years ago, and at least one other forum member confirmed it with his non-starting machine.


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