Help for my ipod~~~

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Loads of people must want to know this but i cant find out how to do it,i reformatted my pc and want to put my music back onto iTunes !!!!!!!!!! dont do what my friend did he plugged his iPod into usb and iTunes wiped it clean cos there was no music history

Anyone could tell me how can I do?

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why even get third-party soft

why even get third-party software when you get a full version of iTunes for free with the iPod?

I used a new product named edit by eeun- the same spammers we had before are back. Product placement removed. computer transfer, the goal this program has is to allow you to transfer music from your iPod to a computer, backup, restore your iPod to computer, edit and create playlist on iPod.

PS: it is not free(you can google it), and I cannot find a free one which similar with it now.

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What's the name?

Sounds helpful, where can I get it, google it, but the name is deleted? please tell me the name of this software or other people could help me?

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The name has been removed bec

The name has been removed because the company that produces it are forum spammers. They use multiple accounts to pretend to ask questions, which are then answered with plugs for their software.

It's an underhanded and dishonest form of advertising.

Any mention of the company's name (and I know you know who they are) will be deleted from this forum.


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