Browser cuts off left side of webpages

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When I visit some webpages, I notice that the left hand side of my browser has clipped part of the webpage. This is annoying as things like text and desired links sometimes get cut off. I am running 9.2.2 and Mozilla 1.3.1.

This only happens to some websites, not all - just the ones I don't need it to happen on.


Can I fix it?

Can I compensate for it?



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Can't explain the why, but ha

Can't explain the why, but have you tried Wamcom as an alternative? It's based on 1.3.1, but tweaked, and seems to do a fantastic job keeping OS 9 a viable OS for web browsing (despite Wamcom not having been updated in two years).


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DDTM, to spark your memory:

DDTM, to spark your memory:
Scroll down about 2/3's of the way down to where we had this discussion before.

OS9 is simply standing there with dust in its face from the internet speeding away from it. I was getting this problem constantly, but it was the obnoxious pop-up banners that would not get out of the way which finally drove me to OSX.

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