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Please visit for more pictures and information.


This is a fresh water aquarium made out of an Apple iMac computer. It is a one of a kind item, hand built by myself. It is perfect for any Apple or Mac computer fan. This aquarium makes a great home or office conversational piece. It takes up little space and is very low maintenance.

This aquarium used to be an iMac. All of the electronics have been removed and a custom built fish tank is put in place where the CRT screen used to be. The aquarium comes with the filter pump and a light already installed. One electrical cord supplies power to both the filter and the light. There is a switch on the back of the case to turn the light on and off. It is ready to use right out of the box. Simply add your own gravel, decorations, water, and of course fish! The top of the case is easy to remove for feeding fish as well as access to the inside. There is room inside to store fish food and other aquarium supplies.

Each aquarium I make is buffed and polished to look as new and shiny as possible. Keep in mind, each aquarium is made out of a Used iMac computer and may still contain very minor scratches or blemishes.

- Each iMac computer case has a custom built fish tank mounted inside.
- I had the tanks manufactured by a plastics company for consistency and quality.
- The face of the tank is curved to better fit where the screen used to be.
- The tank holds approximately 3.5 gallons of water.
- All tanks are tested to be sure there are no leaks.
- The filter and light are included and already installed.
- The light and the filters air pump are connected into one 6 ft. cord which exits out of the original power cord hole on the back of the case
- There is a switch on the back to turn the light on and off.
- All electrical components have been protected to resist water contact.
- The faceplate tilts open to uncover feeding holes.
- The colored part of the case is easily removed for access to the inside.
- There is room inside to store fish food and other supplies.
- All colors are subject to availability.
- Each case is buffed and polished to look as new and shiny as possible.

Please contact your local pet/aquatics store for information regarding how to start and maintain a healthy aquarium.

More pictures and information is available at

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to purchase your favorite color.
Contact information is available on my website.


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I make iMacquariums

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Jake, Looks very nice, but


Looks very nice, but certainly not "a one of a kind item" as you stated. When I went to the Macworld Expo in 2000 there was a booth that had them. Have you been to these sites? and

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Yes I have been to those site

Yes I have been to those sites and many more.

I still believe my aquariums are one of a kind because I have my own design for the tank, lighting, filtration, wiring and case disassembly.

I have not found anywhere where someone can currently buy one of these (if you know of a place let me know). I have just heard through rumors and broken links that they have been available here and there.

Mine will be the same. I am only building 50 aquariums. As fast as they are selling they will not be available for long and will soon be another rumor or broken link somewhere.

I think every macaquarium built is one of a kind. High five to anyone who has made one, they are a fun and tricky project. For anyone who would simply like to buy one, I still have some available.


I make iMacquariums

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Will you be selling kits with

Will you be selling kits without the iMac shell?


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I would prefer to sell the wh

I would prefer to sell the whole aquarium built and ready to go. There is a lot of disassembly and modification that needs to be done in order to install the tank, get it level, mount the switch for the light, shave off plastic so the case will open easily, as well as other details. I would hate for someone to spend the money on a kit and then accidentally ruin their iMac shell in the process of trying to build the aquarium.


I make iMacquariums

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Wow... I just suffered throug

Wow... I just suffered through listening to your entire interview on the "For Mac Eyes Only" website...

painful at best.

I was quite surprised to find out that you are gutting functional iMacs in order to make these... And; I think that you underestimate people severely. Pretty much any person on this site could gut down an iMac and drop in your tank in an afternoon. with a tank and a dremel.

Your "Product" does look pretty darn nice; but I honestly think that you would be able to be more profitable if you were to just sell a set of parts and a detailed instruction booklet.

then you wouldn't have to put in the effort of assembling them.

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I appreciated the constructiv

I appreciated the constructive criticism.

While I have "gutted" two or three somewhat working iMacs to make an iMacquarium, all of the rest have been dead. I get them from local recyclers. The recyclers resell or donate the working iMacs, and they sell the dead ones to me.

I have had several people interested in buying a tank so they could make their own. In the future I may decide to start selling a kit containing all of the parts except for the iMac, but at this time I enjoy building them in my shop in the evenings.

I realize many people would have no trouble building an iMacquarium themselves, but I make them for the people who may not have the time, tools, or ambition to do so.

So far I have had no trouble selling them and have had nothing but positive feedback. If I decide to sell a kit I would make written instructions with photos as well as a how-to video which I would post on youtube and on my website.

I'll be sure to post with any updates.


I make iMacquariums