Apple II (non-plus) display issue.... please can you help?

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My Apple II (non plus) boots up with a beep when switched on.
But the screen is either flickering low res black/white gibberish or black with a solid flashing cursor. No "Apple ][" welcome.

When the RESET key is pressed it beeps
When Control G is pressed it beeps
When keys are pressed the cursor moves forward
When the return key is pressed the cursor moves to a new line
When a simple program is keyed in (blind) and RUN (10: PRINT "HELLO"; 20: GOTO 10) you can see the screen go all blank
When you break out of the program with control C, the cursor reappears

It appears to be a display issue, the "brains" appear functional.
Earlier a similar "display interferance" used to appear when I used the language card, but now it appears even w/o any cards.
I have removed all cards (language and disk interface) from the slots. I have removed the joystick.
The display is a NTSC Sony 8 inch color composite monitor if this makes any difference.

As always, any help will be most appreciated.
I am optimistic.

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Joined: Feb 17 2008
Posts: 195
Reseated the chip at B9 (whic

Reseated the chip at B9 (which is connected with a wire to another small 1.5 inch X 1.5 inch board with chips, reseated this as well, just behind the keyboard)

Now it is working... for the moment atleast
Even the language card is working w/o interferance.