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Selling a boxed CIC MacHandwriter slate. One of the slate pads for low-end Macs. From what I can gather from the net, it uses the same hardware as those in CalComp slates. Connects through the ADB port of the Mac.

I've tested it with an LC475 running 7.6.1. It can recognize hand-printed characters (see pictures) and I think there is some support for cursive characters. I can't get to the setup window -- it gives me an application error, probably from my system configuration.

Includes slate, pen, manual, and driver disk. $30 shipped to the lower 48.


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Can this be used as a mouse s

Can this be used as a mouse substitute, or as a graphics tablet, as well as just the handwriting recognition function? What are the dimensions of the active area?


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I heven't tried using it as a

I heven't tried using it as a mouse substitute, because the standard mouse is still available on the pass-through ADB connector. It is a graphics tablet (6" x 8", I think?) and has the drivers for handwriting recognition and for Photoshop (the version at that time).