Classilla: Firefox for OS 9

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I was just going to post abou

I was just going to post about this and saw your post.

I think it is great. I will definitely try it.


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Hey, thanks, Catmistake! W

Hey, thanks, Catmistake!

Wamcom has problems with one of my webmail sites, so I'll see if this is a better solution.

I also noted in the comments of that article someone posted a link to an updated video driver for most of the 604-based PowerMacs for driving larger screens under OS 7.6 -> 8.


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Works really well on my Lombard running OS 9.2. Actually, it handles CNN better than Camino on my Pismo running OSX 3.4.9. Nice piece of work.


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Weird that someone is still developing for OS 9. I remember using iCab during the last of my OS 9 days. This would have been nice to have at the time.


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