eMac ATX conversion / headless server - completed

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All the necessary information to convert eMac ATI graphics (800MHz and 1GHz) is now in one place:


It runs either totally headless or with one/two external displays and needs just +5V and +12V power.

I know slick case would add to impact but I'd rather share details as they appear than wait for the case to show up.
I am thinking about old CD player case...

If you use this information for you projects, let me know and I will link to your page.

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Nice writeup. I'm sure many p

Nice writeup. I'm sure many people will find this useful!


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Great work!

You put a ton of effort into this and it shows. Your project is totally Fritteresque!

I've no broken eMacs, but now you've shown the conversion possible I'll be snatching up the first one I stumble upon. Thanks!

I've got a question though - I'm curious if you think it'd be possible to drive the whole mess from a single 20V DC supply?

dan k


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Thank you, dankephoto!

Pictures might look like a total mess of random shots but they are actually in the order of me taking screws/connectors out. I was keeping the track as I was going ahead in case I failed and needed to back up to an original eMac state. I found a digital camera is a godsend for taking things apart. Otherwise notes always miss the most critical detail or wire colour!

By the way that eMac was overclocked from 800MHz to 1.33GHz and I am really blown away by the fact that it works without a fan at full CPU load even though heatsink gets pretty hot, maybe to around 60-70C! A+ for design, Apple!

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er... where is the case?? Hav

er... where is the case?? Having it out in the open is a static nightmare just waiting to happen. Not to mention without everything being grounded together, your going to have some nasty ground loops. What do you plan on putting it in? Looks like it could easily be put into a slim case, which would be pretty cool.


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