NeXTStation Mono

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Hello everyone!

does anyone have a NeXTStation mono that they would like to sell? preferably with all hardware including slab, monitor, keyboard, mouse and soundbox. If anyone has one for sale and is willing to ship to canada postal code n2g3m4 drop me a line. you can either private message me or email me at


IBM ThinkPad 600E: PII 366MHz/128MB/6.4GB/Windows 2000 SP4

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I can't believe how much this is going for!!
NeXTstep/Openstep 4.2 Academic Bundle + Developer

I just found out that you can run this on VirtualPC 5.0 on Mac OS X, but it doesn't work in subsequent VirtualPC versions. Now, aquiring the software is going to be harder than I thought.

People complain about how slow VirtualPC5 was, and it was... but emulating it on a machine with 1+Ghz processor, its still going to be on the order of 10-12 times faster than any NeXt machine was.

If anyone has any links to information about the different ports of the last version of the OpenStep OS, please post! I'd like to see this running on a medium level x86 (400-800Mhz), but I'd also not mind seeing what other platforms were available....

Panther broke VirtualPC5, but its working again in Tiger!!