Documentation, Apple I

Datanetics Keyboard Build

Building an Apple I supply- Triad

Apple One complete manual

An Apple one Manual. Found it somewere last year.

Woz 6502 Floating Point Routines

Dated 4-6-76, this is a 10 page hand written PDF from Steve Wozniak. Handwritten source code at the end.

The scans are 600dpi B/W preserved due to the efforts of David Craig.

This file is for All 6502 machines, but was authored in the Apple I erra.

I can provide this, plus many other historical apple documents on 5 DVDs for the cost of duplication. e-mail

Replica 1 Setup and Users Manual

This is the replica 1 setup and users manual in pdf format. This revision includes the serial I/O chapters

Apple BASIC Users Manual

BASIC on the Apple I. Limitations, functions, etc. 16 pages.

Apple-1 Operation Manual

15-page manual describing how to operate the Apple I. Includes schematics.

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