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Hacking, phreaking, programming, web design, retro computers, soldering, experimenting, learning, and inadvertently annoying people in the process Smile


Greetings. Where to start? I'm a teenage computer nerd and mostly self taught in the ways of programming. I am a bit of a narcissist when it comes to computers and English, which can be seen in my signature. In addition to programming I also enjoy web design, graphic design, the occasional hack, phone phreaking (hey, I'm old fashioned), gaming, and for some reason am retro computer enthusiest. I have a very successful website;, and a slightly successful YouTube channel; Tyler12464. My username may seem strange, the 12464 comes from when I was in elementary school. It used to be my lunch PIN number and I first used "Super12464" as the username for my old Club Penguin account. Since then I have also occasionally adapted it to Tyler12464. My first "retro" computer was the Apple 1 replica, the Replica 1 by Briel Computers, an since then I have added an Altair 8800 by Briel Computers and an old HP OmniBook to the list. My goal in life is world domination. You can see my strange and geeky work on, and if you play any of the Sly Cooper games, give a visit! I hope to contribute here as best I can and learn even more.

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