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new toy: eeepc

I had been posting before about buying an OLPC, but once I figured out what I was looking for in a sub-notebook/PDA, it looked more and more like the Asus eeepc was what I wanted.

Had a bit of Christmas money left, so I'm now posting from my new 2G Surf version.

First thoughts: cool. Small. Cool.

The keyboard will take some getting used to. It, too, is very small.

Haven't decided whether to keep the Xandros default install or go for Ubuntu (there's an optimised version for the eee pc) or XP.

G4 on hold - say hello to iBike

I've put my G4 project on hold until the new processor arrives...then I can determine whether or not I need a new logic board, or if I should bite the bullet and but a whole system to save me the trouble of sourcing the other parts I'll require.

In the meantime, to keep myself busy I've purchased plans (Link) for a recumbent bike made from 2 x 4s.

Happy Ubuntu server...Yatta!

Pleased as punch, that's me.

I've successfully set up an Ubuntu server on an older Dell box.

I've used the fantastic instructions Here (Thanks, Jon Peck!)


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