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SE30 on the internet

I'm posting this bog entry from my se30 with it's ethernet card. I'm logged into my powerbook g3 through ssh and i'm using the "links" text only browser, it surfs quite fast and has support for tables. I hope to get my Mac plus doing this sometime, i like the idea of booting off a floppy or two and surfing the internet noiselessly.

Ouch!...i got bit by the bug...

...the Commodore 64 bug to be exact, I'm having an awesome time using mine, too bad I cant have a portable one to take with me where ever I want though. or can I...
i'm about 10% done with the proto type. does anyone know the power requirements of the c64, plus an ide64 interface, and if anyone has an extra c64 they want to sell or a c64 dtv pm me.

dvorak keyboard layout

well this is my first post using the dvorak keyboard layout. i've only used it for a day and i can already type at 20 wpm.


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