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G5 case to Mac Pro knockoff, maybe

Well, my recently acquired G5 case cries out to become home for a hackintosh. Since I bought an actual G5 at the same time, I'm thinking it'd be 'cool' to have the two machines side-by-side, just as are now my old QS and PC.

I'm looking at a mATX board, so the cards will line up on the existing rear slot lineup. The back where the I/O panel will go has to be cut out, shame about that. I'm thinking the PS to go in the bottom where the original was. Hmm, I wonder if original PS could serve . . .

dan k

My current NetFlix queue

I just recently subscribed, can you tell? As of 2007-04-26 I have 113 movies in my queue, not that anyone gives a hoot: Blum 3

tree attacks garage and car

The weekend of 15 April 2007 a neighbor's 100 year old 100ft tall white oak attacked my backyard, with these results.


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