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The first 'Shuffled' gig :)

I've just heard that Les Carter's band Abdoujaparov, who did the great track Pop Pop Pop for Airburst Extreme are going to be trying something novel at their May 18th gig at the Water Rats in London. Les recently got himself an iPod shuffle, so Abdou (renamed iDou for the gig) will be using the shuffle for their backing tracks, but playing the entire gig in shuffle mode. This means that even the band won't know what song they're going to be playing next!

Should be an excellent gig!

New York Rocks. Official :)

Still suffering jet lag, but I'd like to give an official thumbs up to the Big Apple (and the Big Apple Apple Store). Popped over to meet up with the guys from Freeverse and do meetings and such.

While I was over there, I got some more feedback from users on a couple of bugs in ToySight Gold. Enough to work out what the problem was and we've got a patched version ready to go. Given our usual speedy website updates (and the need to move the stuff about a bit this week), it might make it this week. Hopefully. Maybe.

Got my Mac mini!

Despite a slight glitch at TNT, I got my Mac mini! It's brilliant Smile


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