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The 'Woz'

Man, -oh- man. If I ever went to a talk by the 'Woz', I'd bring my Apple IIe lid, and on the way out, try to catch him and have him sign it. What a dream...

*Clears throught*

Well, I want to meet him, email him, IM him, is the point. Oh well. Mabey we could hang Bill Gates' face on a dart board and throw darts at it.

My Apple IIe

I have not been able to buy an Apple II when it was on the market but I have bought one on eBay last year. Unfortunately at the time, I had not known a lot about Apples, and I had bought an Apple IIe with the monochrome Apple IIgs monitor and no disk drives. I have written many BASIC programs on it, but not been able to save them. So I finally broke down and bought an Apple II unidisk, which I then realized wouldn't work on mine, because I had a disk two interface card. So then I was stuck with a not-working floppy disk drive and a non-original Apple IIe monitor.

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