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The Briel Computers replica 1 is a fully functional clone of the Apple 1© computer created by Steve Wozniak
in 1976 that started Apple Computers©. The replica 1 is available as a kit that you solder all the components
onto the circuit board, or preassembled.

A new circuit layout was done to implement a more simple circuit and replace older no longer available IC’s.
This new design allows for a smaller board yet still gives all the functionality of the original design. Just
like the Apple 1, the keyboard and power supply are not included. Simply add your own PC 386-Pentium© class
power supply, a composite TV or monitor and a PS/2 keyboard or Apple II© style ASCII keyboard and you are set.

replica 1 rev c]
replica 1 revision c

serial i/o]

The serial I/O board is a unique design made to work with both the replica I and the Apple 1.
It is a piggy-back board that goes in the 6821 socket and is transparent to the computer.
With this design anything that goes to the video display is sent to the serial I/O board and
anything that comes in through the serial I/O is treated like a keystroke. This method reduces
the speed of the I/O board to 2400bps but gives the advantage of being able to save BASIC
programs as a text file. No setting switches or running software required. Just install it,
set up Hyper Terminal, connector your serial cable (not included) and your all set.


If you want to use the replica 1 as an educational tool, email me at [email][/email]
and we can discuss volume educational discounts.


block diagram
memory map
expansion interface



This is the first Replica 1 prototype in its early stage on breadboard.
This is when I first got a working version. At this point I had no video display.
All I could see was that there were 7 ASCII bits on the PIA.
Reading the bits I decoded the binary to ASCII and realized it was
trying to output a ‘\’ backslash character.


This is the breadboard version of the Replica I. At this stage
I have hooked up a Basic Stamp microcontroller board to the video out section so
that I could display text through a terminal or a computer with a terminal program
like HyperTerminal. I still have this board but no IC's are currently installed.
I'm hoping to get it up and running again just for fun someday soon.


The final prototype board. This board has the video circuit
implemented displaying 40 X 24 text in the same format that Woz’s terminal
section did. At this stage of my prototyping I didn't have the ps/2 interface
circuit done so it was not on this or any prototype. I actually added the
design of the ps/2 interface with the prototype to make the first revision a boards.

Please visit the Applefritter forums under Apple 1 for the latest news and events
about the replica 1, apple 1 and other related material. I hope you enjoy the
replica as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Vince Briel
Briel Computers

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