@#$%^& DishNetwork

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@#$%^& DishNetwork

Dish Network decided that they were going to strip me of several channels, including the local CBS affiliate. They also say that my contract says that they can do this and I can't do anything about it. Now I have to find a way out of the contract so that I can switch to the local cable company.

I'm so mad today that I'm spitting blood... >:(

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That's why I always preferred

That's why I always preferred DirecTV.

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Don't jump yet...


Looks like the canning of stations is a bargaining chip in negotiations.

You could see those channels back very soon, depending on who caves in first.

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we got cable, but I never watch tv, I gave it up about 4-5 months ago. Its weird how much your sense of humor changes and how much free time you get.


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I have cable so it didn't eff

I have cable so it didn't effect me, but I understand now why MTV networks and Nickelodeon networks were running these semi-transparent banners though any channels on those shows that say that dish networks and echostar were going to be stripping those channels.

Man that sucks poopy-butt! I'm pissed off about it just for you, Rev, even though it doesn't effect me!

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The "Dish"


I've had Dish Network now for about a year here in my new
house. Cable isn't an option as Adelphia can't deliver a
decent signal and/or doesn't maintain their network. Folks
here have all converted to the dish. Anyhoo...I haven't
lost any channels, in fact my provider set me up in a way
that I could still get DC metro area programming even though
we don't live in that area. And at no extra charge! There
was a short time last summer where we were without a CBS
channel, but it was because Dish Network was fighting/neg-
otiating with the broadcast networks over service. The head
cheese of Dish made running announcements over the Dish con-
cerning progress of the negotiations and after about a week
CBS was back. My contract is pretty specific and clear and
there is nothing that says that they can stop service like
they did to you. Maybe there is something going on with your
local provider and you need to contact Dish directly?
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