upgrading G4 or Quicksilver

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upgrading G4 or Quicksilver

Hi there
can you install a mirror fronted 1Ghz processor in either a AGP G4 Sawtooth 400Mhz or a 733Mhz Quicksilver if so how would you do it? and would there be anything else I may need to complete the task?

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No, MDD CPUs are incompatible

I asked the same question awhile back. Everything I've heard and read indicates the MDD CPUs are incompatible with the Quicksilver and earlier AGP G4 logic boards. Additionally, not that it matters, there's also the small problem that MDD CPUs hang on the 'wrong' side of the CPU connector, blocking RAM and/or AGP slots.


Hey mods, is this a good topic for the FAQs? This Q is only gonna be asked again and again as more MDD CPUs become available . . .

dan k

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