PB Titanium Screen Question

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PB Titanium Screen Question

Will a screen (complete top section including the hinges) from a Titanium DVI fit a Titanium 400mhz VGA Powerbook? The hinges appear to be the same from the picture I was sent.


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Yes, but . . .

a 1280x854 DVI screen will only display the original TiBook's 1152x768 res, leaving 128 pixels of static-looking junk on the right side, and at the bottom a repeat of 86 pixels from the top-of-the-screen.

Usable, but not especially pretty. I've yet to see any way to force a pre-DVI TiBook to display 1280x res. If any has figured out how to do that, I'd love to hear about it.

In all other respects the displays are compatible and interchangable.

As I usually do with this topic area, I'll mention my TiBook display page.

dan k

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