tibook screens/lcd project

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tibook screens/lcd project

heres the deal.

i need to be able to mount bare tibook screens on wall. start fromt the beginning i have no idea what im doing. i have some bare screens and will be getting more. they just have this little connector on one side with two wires red and black or something. i have vga and dvi models all mixed. i need a super solution. i need lots of wire length up to 50 feet. i wanted to start by experimenting with hooking them up to my g4 400 tower. how can i adapt both screen versions for this. also want to start concepting a single small server unit/system/or whatever. something i can connect as much as 20 screens to at once all mixed tibook like i said. someones got to have built something like this/ if not please help me.

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Please read, http://www.appl

Please read, http://www.applefritter.com/node/3078#comment-3864 .


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great concept, but completely unrealistic

If, as you say, "i have no idea what im doing", then this is, I'm sorry to say, an impossible dream. Without their associated PowerBooks' display controllers there is no way to drive these LCDs. Have you got some working TiBooks to drive the screens?

If these are working and tested LCDs, you are almost certainly better served by selling them off. On eBay, working TiBook LCDs are worth anywhere from $100-$200.

dan k

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