KegMac comes to fruition!

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KegMac comes to fruition!

A few years ago, we had a thread in the old forums about how someone should make a KegMac -- either a Mac that dispenses beer, or a Mac built into a keg.

As part of that thread, I Photoshopped a couple images of what KegMacs might look like. Here's one of them:


While surfing Engadget this morning, I ran across this beauty:


I think whoever did the above hack probably read that original thread. So who do I send that promised case of brew to?

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Wouldn't it be more accurate

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the "KegMac comes to fermentation"... Smile

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That particular photo appeared in an issue of MacAddict magazine several years ago. I'd be interested in finding out which came first- the thread or the mag- only I'm far too sick today to go hunting in the garage for my pile of old MacAddicts, then pawing through the first 10 pages in each one looking for the photo/article in question.

But I think it was mid-2002. When did the thread on the topic get started?

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"Bandwidth limit exceeded" H

"Bandwidth limit exceeded" He musta got /.'d

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Dang, cant beat that! (nee

Dang, cant beat that!

(needs a doughnut oven)

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