Fun with the Apple //c memory expansion card

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Fun with the Apple //c memory expansion card

I obtained several (about five) of these beauties, new, sealed in the box.

Three of them I filled with memory, installed, and tested. They're grrrrrreaaaaat!

Recently, being an apple ][ fanatic, and someone concerned about eliminating unnecessary paper, I decided to make clean, modern digital versions of all of the paperwork that came with them (which I'll post here when the appropriate permisions have been cleared). While doing the final proof check of the "Apple IIc Memory Expansion Owner's Guide," I noticed several comments.

First, the card is to be addressed as device in "slot 4". Secondly, the device is treated by ProDOS and the firmware with the same protocols as an external device plugged into the disk drive port. Additionally, this users guide mentions a technical guide. I know that there is a technical guide for Apple //c, was there one for the //c+? Ideally, I would like to get the pin-outs for the memory card connector on the //c (model #4100 not #4000) and the //c+ and see if they correspond to a slot in a //e. I would love to add a //e type slot in a //c+. Think of the expansion capability. Does anyone here have either of those manuals? I would love to borrow/buy the ones in questions. I would digitize and post the data for all to share. Any help would be appreciated

There is a another matter; the customer response card. I have several of these now, and wonder if I could have any fun with Apple Computer Inc. with these. Any ideas?

On a weird side note, I was using two of the copies the "Apple IIc Memory Expansion Owner's Guide", as I was doing the proofing of the electronic version in two different locations using my laptop. One of them came, out of the sealed package, with yellow highlighter pen lines. They were so neatly drawn, that at first I thought this was a newer printing and that they were part of the text, but upon closer examination I did see flaws in the lines so I recognized they were made by hand.


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Fun with the Apple //c memory expansion card

The Apple IIc Technical Reference, Second Edtion covers the Apple //c+. There is also an Apple IIc Memory Card Reference. They're available occasionally on eBay but if you're in a hurry, they are also for sale through Syndicomm.

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