wallstreet lcd replacement

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wallstreet lcd replacement

i must replace the lcd on my 12.1 inch wallstreet-can i replace it with a larger one?

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I don't think so unless you r

I don't think so unless you replaced the whole base and then yet I dunno if their used the same logic board etc for between 12.1" and 14.1"

so I'll probably suggest to either stick to 12.1" or trade it for a full upgrade. thats just me thou

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ax0n could comment here for s

ax0n could comment here for sure. He's got a couple/few of these in posession right now, and has already built one from parts. I know he'd have an answer, or could just look. FWIW, I think they use the same parts right up to the LCD, but I haven't checked anything to see if they use different cables. You might look at the service manuals and parts lists to see if they have different LCD cables listed.

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