WTT Upgraded Supermac S900 for Key Lime iBook 366 or 466

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WTT Upgraded Supermac S900 for Key Lime iBook 366 or 466


I have an upgraded Supermac S900 in excellent physical and operational condition I would like to trade for a Key Lime iBook in like condition, preferably a 466MHz but would also consider a 366MHz 'Book. The Supermac specs are as follows: (to the best of my RAM, lol)

-Upgraded to 400MHz G3 with a NewerTech MaxPOWR processor card;
-384MB RAM, expandable to 1GB;
-Six PCI slots;
-Two internal SCSI hard drives, one of which has OS 8.x on it and the other has OS 9.x (I will add to the description later as to capacities for both as well as other pertinent info);
-CDROM drive, internal Zip drive and floppy, all fully functional;
-original Supermac keyboard/mouse

I believe this Supermac has either FW or USB installed but I will have to check further. I would be keeping it but I have another S900 that has been upgraded to an 800MHz G4 with 1GB RAM, so I see no sense in hanging on to this one, and I'm sure there's someone out there who'd be delighted to be its new owner, in exchange for a very clean, babied Key Lime iBook. I would prefer an iBook that's been upgraded RAM-wise/hard drive-wise, but those things are not a deal-breaker.

If no one bites on this, I will most likely list it on eBay with a reserve price in the very near future.

Questions? Feel free to PM me or email me at Sarahstryker@aol.com. Thanks and have a great day! Smile


P.S. I will come back later and amend the description as necessary if it contains any inaccuracies or omissions...

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Good Luck

Good Luck, the Lime iBooks sell fairly high for what they are. You'll have a hard time finding a Lime 366 for less than $250 on eBay and the 466's sell for $400 +.

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