Audio input for Quicksilver

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Audio input for Quicksilver

I'm looking for a cheap and painless way to get sound input to my Quicksilver Mac. (My budget is really low on this, since I just blew more than I could afford on PB batteries.) I just want to back up my vinyl LPs and cassette tapes, not record a demo CD. I was doing it on my souped-up 6500, before I finally upgraded.

Now, as far as I know, my options are these:

1. Get an iMic, which is still selling for $40 used on Ebay, and which some people here have described as a POS.

2. Get a PCI sound card--I have the slots, just don't know a good Mac-compatible one which I might be able to get cheaply.

3. Forget the Quicksilver--record on my G3 233 powerbook, which would mean I'm back to using Analog Ripper. (Not the most easy-to-use program, and I'm not sure how well it will work at 233mhz considering it was twitchy at 450, and I have minimal HD space...but it won't cost me a nickel.)

I'd be glad to hear anyone else's recommendations, advice, opinions or comments on the subject.

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The iMic is not a POS -- I ow

The iMic is not a POS -- I own one, and for what you want to do with it, it will work just fine. I understand that by cracking open the case and removing the slider switch you can get even better sound quality.

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I own 2 iMics -- one for my i

I own 2 iMics -- one for my iBook G4 and another that stays in my laptop bag. They're great little units really. Only ever had a problem with Audacity (worked fine for all other apps, just hated Audacity), but Audacity has fixed the problem now.

It does help to minimize the devices plugged into the USB chain (especially those that take their power from the USB bus) when using iMic. If you don't need the USB printer, scanner, toaster and blowdryer, unplug them.

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Look for a Griffin PowerWave.

An iMic will'll need an adapter cable. And you won't get the best (maybe not even a usable) audio level if you try to send your turntable or your cassette deck direct to the iMic. It needs to go through the pre-amp on your stereo and from the "line out" jacks to the iMic input set to the line level signal input.

If you're willing to spend $40 for an iMic, make the extra investment and get the PowerWave. It has RCA inputs for "HiFi" level home stereo devices and was designed for precisely your application. Again, I don't believe you can plug either device DIRECTLY into the PowerWave. I don't think it has a true pre-amp section...I never tried it. Moreover, even if it did, it's likely NOT equalized for a turntable. You should send the turntable through your stereo system turntable pre-amp input and send the "line-out" signal into the PowerWave. And this is really true for all of your home stereo devices.

In for a dime, in for a dollar...

I too have the iMic, graduated to a PowerWave, then to an mAudio FastTrack and finally to a DigiDesign ProTools mBox. I use the PowerWave for the HiFi conversions and the mBox for the voiceover work. The iMic was a disappointment...until I learned there were issues with Audacity. Then again, you get what you pay for. I'm happier having now used ProTools on a Mac and Adobe Audition on a PC with an mBox as my audio converter.

tony b.

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Thanks for the input! (pun on

Thanks for the input! (pun only sort of semi-intended.) I suppose I'll go on plotting to get that iMic, then. I already have a dual mini-jack cord I was using to run from the stereo headphone jack to the microphone jack on the old computer, so the iMic should be all I really need. I thought I'd use Wiretap Pro for the recording, and maybe Audacity for editing. We'll see.

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also, stay on the lookout for

also, stay on the lookout for a used m-audio pci card, they seem to have some pretty high quality audio stuff.

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