CDs on older Macs

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CDs on older Macs

I'm trying to get my PowerBook 1440 to recognise CDs I've burnt on my Imac (G5). I tried just burning them from the desktop, nothing. I tried burning it with toast as 'PC & Mac format', nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?

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on my 1400, when i still had it, i remember that i had problems reading cds, too. if it's a 12x drive module, the lens may be out of focus. also, i've found that cds without permanent marker writing on the label seem to work better.

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and some cd rom drives just w

and some cd rom drives just wont read burnable media cause if the eye wont see the dye that makes the cd r what it is

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What OS are you running on th

What OS are you running on the old PowerBook? I seemed to have a really weird issue with my 2 LC IIs and CDs - when I first got given them they had System 7.0 or 7.1 or something old like that already on them.

The CD would only appear on the desktop if a System CD (ie the bootable 7.6 CD) was in the drive (an AppleCD 300 external scsi) when the LC II was booted up (although not necessarily actually booted from the CD). I could then insert a non-system CD (ie one full of applications) and it would appear and work fine. However, if I inserted either the OS disc or the apps one after the LC II had booted without the OS disc in the drive, or with the apps disc in the drive, it didn't seem to recognise that the disc was there. Both discs had been burned on my PC, the OS disc directly from an ISO made from an original OS 7.6 CD, and the apps one from an HFS ISO that I made myself using UltraIso.

However, once I had installed either OS 7.5 or 7.6 on them (by wiping out the old system folder and starting again, rather than upgrading the OS), there were no more CD problems and everything worked fine - I don't know if my problem was unique or not, but if not then a newer System might be a solution (if you've got less than 7.5 at the moment).

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To read the CDs burnt by 10, you need 8.1 or higher, or you need to burn them as Mac OS Standard, otherwise it burns them in a format which is not compatible with operating systems before 8.1. To burn as Mac OS Standard, you must make a disk image which is Mac OS Standard, then burn it.

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are they CDRW's?

I've been told that CDR's can be read by CD drives 12x and up, while CDRW's can only be read by CD drives 24x and up.

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t really depends on the makeu

t really depends on the makeup of the surface. Differetn inks will or won't work with older drives. I haven't tried many rewriteables on older machines, but I'm pretty sure most drives faster than 4x will read CDRW ok.

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A good explanation of CD and CDRW technologies:

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