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FS: Mac stuff for FREE!

I'm moved back into my dorm but I have a room full of stuff back at my summer residence that NEEDS TO GO. If it is not gone by next Saturday, it is getting thrown in the dumpster. Just cover shipping and make it worth my time to pack and ship it, and it's yours. If you're in Iowa or the Ames area, feel free to contact me and I can arrange for you to pick up whatever you want, no charge whatsoever, I just want this stuff gone!

Here's the list:
•Beige G3 minitower painted black, hole in the front of the case where I had a media card reader. It currently has no motherboard and I sawed off the mounts for it to replace it with ATX mounts. Power supply working and included (I can probably get pics up if you'd like) If nothing else, I can pull the case pieces and power supply and trash the metal frame since it's quite cut up

•Beige G3 minitower-266MHz, no RAM, AUDIO/VIDEO CARD, makes crashing sound at startup, probably because of the no RAM. I tried installing OS 9 on it while it did still have RAM, but the HD was bad

•Beige G3 desktop 300MHz/192 or 256MB of RAM (not sure), works great, i lent it to a friend last year for email/internet, it ran 10.3 perfectly

•Beige G3 desktop 266MHz/not sure, this one has a really dirty case, I think it works, not sure

•Two Beige G3 motherboards, both with 266MHz processors, heatsinks, ROM (I think), and audio in/out card

•Beige G3 Desktop power supply, tested working

•7300/200 - has 180MHz processor, last time I tried it it worked great, it's got 6 sticks of RAM, I think it's around 112 MB of RAM or so, I can throw in a 350MB SCSI HD too

•19" Sun Microsystems flatscreen CRT monitor. I used this spanned from my iBook at 1600x1200 all summer, worked great. It's about 60lbs, so I don't even want to mess with shipping it

•Netgear 6 or 8 port 10/100 switch, brand new, I think it's dead aka it doesn't work at all...

CLASSIC G3 I custom built this, it's got a 6GB HD, 2 sticks of RAM, 400MHz G3 ZIF (that's $20 right there)...toss in a 120GB HD and it's a perfect file or web server

CLASSIC 6500...same general idea as the G3, but it has a 6500/300 inside, the subwoofer enclosure is not included, and neither is the USB card or Mac>VGA adaptor. I might have a HD to throw in. I had it running OS 9 and Yellow Dog Linux 3, makes a great file/web/mail server. It's very quite and compact, great for that. If I can find it, I'll throw in the adaptor to make it work with a SCSI CD-ROM drive. Right now it's got no RAM, but I can probably pull some from the 7300 (it works, I've tried it)

•USB 1.1 PCI card, works natively under OS X, has OS 9 drivers available

•10/100 NIC, same deal as the USB card, pulled from a beige G3

•Assorted powerbook 1400 case pieces and crap

•Powerbook 5300 video out cards-let you see on a Mac external monitor

•A couple Mac>VGA adaptors, one new in box

•15" Apple display, circa 1994, I got this with my PowerMac 7100/80AV. There are a couple dead pixels together right in the middle, otherwise it's great for that old Mac, this also is heavy and local pickup is preferred, but I could probably ship it if you make it worth my time

I've got more stuff that I might add later too

Best bet to contact me is "mtgustaf" (at) g mail (dot) com
During the day I should respond quick, might take a while during the evenings. It's first come first serve through my mailbox, local pickup trumps all. Thanks for watching.

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Where ya located?? :)

Where ya located?? Smile

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Still available:

Alright, here's what's still available:
-Black G3 case
-Minitower (pending)
-Dirty G3 Desktop (this DOES work, and it's got 3 ram chips) (pending)
-Two G3 motherboards (one pending)
-G3 Desktop Power supply
-19" monitor
-Classic 6500
-Assorted 1400 case pieces
-Powerbook 5300 video cards
-15" Apple branded display

I'm in Ames Iowa (like the post says). I've got a someone coming to take some stuff away sometime tonight.

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im taking all the rest sorry

im taking all the rest sorry guys

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Okay, everything has been cla

Okay, everything has been claimed except for the black G3 case, large pics can be found here:
It's missing the 120mm case fan, so I don't think the case is appropriate for another beige G3, but I would be willing to pull the plastic off the metal frame (easy to do) and ship those somewhere if anyone's interested.

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