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adobe creative suite

hey me again. I'm picking up my imac on thursday, assuming it has not been updated since it was bought what operating system will it be running?? i believe its from 98 possibly a little newer I'm not sure how long they made the color Imacs. anyway I was wondering what it will be running and if that will support the adobe creative suite?? or if anyone knows a way to get an older version of the creative suite that night run better on such an old mac. thanks guys

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It is most likely running os

It is most likely running os 8.6-9.2 Unless it has been upgraded to os X creative suite will not run very well on it. Creative suite began with photoshop CS, Version 6 of photoshop would probably be your best bet on these systems. If you do upgrade to OS X- (10.3 would probably be best) Then Adobe Creative suite or creative suite 2 would run fine on it, although quite a bit slower than on a newer machine as the color imacs were 350-600 mhz G3's I believe.

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If it's one of the first few

If it's one of the first few iMac revisions, I'd say you're going to have a tough time getting CS running at a usable level.

If it's a stock Rev. A from 1998, it'll likely have OS 8.1 installed.

The first three iMac revisions didn't get past 266 MHz, and hard drives were 6 GB or less. Memory...32 MB out of the box.

If upgraded, they can run OS X with a degree of comfort, but running a modern application suite on top of that might be too much without spending a chunk of money. You'd need a bigger hard drive, more ram, and of course, OS X and the CS suite.

If it's a later iMac, 400 MHz or better, then you're much better off.

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