Lacie SCSI cd-r drivers?

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Lacie SCSI cd-r drivers?

hey, I'm back.

During my sabbatical, I picked up a few things: a Performa 6360 with a 40gig hard disk; a pismo; and a LaCie 8x20x SCSI cd burner.

Is there no such thing as a driver for this? I'd like to hook it to the performa for file transfer and backup... but can't until I get that.

Any help?


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In Classic...

In 7.x-9.x Mac OS, it's probably going to require a burning app, more than likely Toast to accomplish this. It may have come with the drive, maybe it can be downloaded from Lacie? Not sure.

Then again 9.x had burning abilities... but it would probably take some sort of hacking about to get the drive recognized.

-- Macinjosh

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Lacie SCSI cd-r drivers?

for burning Toast doesn't need extensions (for low ram Macs it's recommended to turn them all off before burning)
to read you need "Toast CD Reader"
there are other extensions, but you'll probably have them already (OS 8.1 and higher)

I hope that this will help you along (if you don't find near you, I'll send you the install CD 66 Mb)

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