What to do with a Statistical Multiplexer?

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What to do with a Statistical Multiplexer?

A few weeks ago I picked up three statmuxs and four modems (as well as some other stuff, but thats not importatnt) at a yard sale. The momdems and statmuxs are made by a company called MultiTech, which thankfully is still around, and they have manuals on their site. All the multiplexers are MultiMux MMH-Series, (not sure of the exact model numbers) one is a 4 port with a modem, one is exactly the same as the 4 port but it has a expander board which adds another 4 ports, and the other is a gigantic 16 port beast with two modems. They all have female 25pin RS232C connectors for terminals/computers/whatever, one female 'command' port. (for connecting a local terminal that has full power over the statmux's settings, there is also an RJ11 port for remote commanding over modem) And one male connector for an external modem (if this is connected, I think the internal modem is taken offline) I've fired them all up, and my terminal (an IBM 3151) happily talks to them through the local command port.

So, does anyone know what I might be able to do with these things? Maybe some neato hack where I can do... something interesting with them? I know there isn't alot of use for serial networking any more, so the market for people who would want to buy one would be severly limited. If anyone here wants one for any reason, I'll probably sell it to you cheap, just shoot me a PM.

Here's a picture I took of them sitting atop my RS/6000 - http://john8520.homeunix.org:8888/images/IBM-RS6000.png

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I'd think that the people int

I'd think that the people interested in doing an Apple Crate hack might be interested int hem, if they've got some sort of serial network capability.

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