Any comments on dealings with

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Any comments on dealings with

Hi All,

I have been readying many good things about the A-ONE kit from achatz here, and so I placed an order on their website on the 18th of September:

Order #64 (Pending)
Order Date: Tuesday 18 September, 2007 Order Total: 129.53EUR

That output is a cut-and-paste from the site today! I have attempted twice to contact them, in order to get a status update, as I have paid the order amount (127 Euros) in full *on the 18th of September*.

I know that people here have ordered, and received A-ONE kits before, and I wondered if anyone has had an experience like this. I also appreciate that these are low-volume hobbist kits, and that it may be that Achatz is waiting for a PCB run or something. My issue is that I have heard *nothing* for nearly two months now!!!

Can anyone comment on this ? I am really unsure of how to proceed.



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I'm sure there is a good reas

I'm sure there is a good reason. Franz has a good site, yes it is low volume stuff but that doesn't mean anything. I've been running my business by myself for 4 years now and I answer every customer that writes. Keep trying is the best I can tell you.


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Hi Jody, thanks Vince for

Hi Jody,

thanks Vince for your commands.
Jody please contact me this time at achatz(at)xs4all(dot)nl !!!
My ISP at did some systemchanges and after that my eCommerce shop system is working very strange. Some orders are
not managed via the shopsystem and will be lost Sad

Jody, no panic, we will get this fixed Smile

best regards

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SOLVED - thanks Franz...

Hi All,

Many thanks for your replies (especially to Franz).

I contacted Franz directly less than 3 hours ago as he suggested, and the situation is now resolved - my new toys are on their way Smile

This is excellent service!

Thank you all once again.


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Re: I'm sure there is a good reas

Franz is a wonderful and serious person. His products are awesome, the A-One is "one big machine"!!. I've played with it for days and days...
Franz even gift the All About Apple Museum with a Replica.

In these last few months i haven had time to work on electronic because i don't have my workbench anymore Sad , i'm trying to figure out a way to set it up aging ...

In the meantime, i'm trying to load up on my Italian Blog an Apple BAsic manual (Italian).
It's is a little more complete than the original one, and can help who has know knowledge
about Basic or Apple I's. Well, at least for the Italian dudes Smile


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I've been trying to contact F

I've been trying to contact Franz for over a week. I'd like to purchase an A-One but I want to make sure it is in stock.


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