The Data Domain

This interview is an excerpt from Apple I Replica Creation, by Tom Owad.

Ray Borril began his career in electronics after leaving the US Army in 1956. Employed as a technician at Brookhaven National Labs, he constructed digital systems for nuclear research. Ray enlisted in the USAF in 1958 and attended courses on the computers used in the SAGE system. Honorably discharged from the Air Force in July, 1959, Ray soon founded Applied Digital Data Systems (ADDS) which became one of the leading susppliers of IBM and Teletype compatable CRT Terminals. He moved to Indiana in 1973 to work as a Systems engineer, designing and developing computer bassed systems for psychological research. In February, 1976 Ray opened The Data Domain, one of the pioneering retail computer stores. He retired in 1984.

TO: What is your background in computers?

RB: If I have any talent at all, it is the task of telling or writing “war stories

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I loved shopping there. I recall getting Space Raiders in the plastic baggie. A clone of Atari's Star Raiders.