CFFA1 run #2 coming in March 2013

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CFFA1 run #2 coming in March 2013

Hi Apple 1 fans,

I am building a second batch of CFFA1 boards for the Apple 1 and its clones.
It has been 3 years since the first batch of 100 sold out and it took most of that time
to build up enough interest to make a second run worth while.
The assembly process has begun and I should have 200 new boards in about 3 weeks.
I will probably skip the pre-order process and just wait until I have boards ready to ship
before I open up my order site. Once boards are ready I will post a message here and email
everyone on my interest list.

The boards will initially ship with v1.1 firmware which includes a few minor updates. But we
are working on v2.0 firmware for the CFFA1 which will support FAT16 natively on the Apple1.
This is nice because you no longer need to use CiderPress to move files on/off your CF card.
ProDOS format will continue to be supported at the same time.


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Re: CFFA1 run #2 coming in March 2013

Hello Rich,
that will be great ! I guess a lot of the new customers of the MIMEO will open
the champagne and start dancing today.....
sincerely speedyG

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Re: CFFA1 run #2 coming in March 2013

This is great news!!! I think with all the new Steve Jobs movies coming out, The Willegal Mimeo and especially it's little brother twice removed, the inexpensive Briel replica-1, will see a big uptick in interest. Most will want some "modern" interface to using their "setup". The 2.0 version which will support FAT-16 will be a giant improvement to that cause as well.


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Re: CFFA1 run #2 coming in March 2013

Are there any other changes with the 2.0 update?


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