iBook G4 won't boot

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iBook G4 won't boot

. I actually am a PC technician (Windows based) Well I make my living on these machines I am a HUGE Apple/ Mac fan at my company I ran across 3 iBook G4's 2 are the 12 inch models 1 is a 14 inch, All running the Mac OS X Panther. One has a blown power supply one has a bad cd and hard drive one as a fried drive. I took the one with the bad cd drive broke the password (with instruction from your site THANK YOU!!). And have been able to play with this awesome machine. Then I got the great idea of swapping the working iBook G4 with the bad cd drive, to the 14 inch iBook, I figured it would work with no problems. Well I was wrong. when it boots there is a folder and a then a mac icon flashing. Nothing else. So I figured I would reach out to see how if possible to get this to boot normal.

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Re: iBook G4 won't boot

That means there was no OS found, hopefully the drive was erased, and you just need to get a disc, but from the sounds of it, that's not the case. Maybe the drive failed, or you forgot to hook the cable in? That cable can be tricky, if it's the model I'm thinking it kind of wraps through/around the board, and connects to the other side, make sure it didn't come loose when you put it back together.

If that's the case, you you get the fun of taking the thing apart again!

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