Apple //C check disk drive

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Apple //C check disk drive

Hi everyone, i have an old Apple //C of my father and I'm trying to restore it.It turns on but doesn't read floppy disks, I get this error:

I also cleaned the head of the internal floppy drive.


What does zero mean on the screen?And i cannot verify the ROM version:

Please help me figuring out the problem

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I can't see your attachment

I can't see your attachment screenshots very well, but generally if you have errant characters on the screen like that, you have bad RAM chip(s).

Look up the keys you need to hold to run the self-test (if it's in your ROM version) and it might tell you more.



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Getting IIc to work
Hi there, I'm also new to owning an Apple IIc I think one of the first steps should be to get ADTPro to work on your IIc. ( With the ADTPro server on your modern world laptop of PC and the ADTPro client on the IIc connected via a null modem cable you can actually start formatting old floppy disks and put some software on them. Hope this helps, Achim
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