Floppy nightmare

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Floppy nightmare

well, that's what it was like for me until tonight. After unsuccesfully trying to hunt down a couple of the vintage locking 3.5" disk boxes, I went to Office Depo, and bought a cheap plastic $3 one. it holds 60 floppies, and hase some 'dividors', loiile bits of plastic seporating the box into 4 groups of 15. Well, I gathered up all my floppies scattered around my room and house, sorted them into stacks, and began the tedious task of fileing them. I put them in groups as so:

low density
-----Mac Software
----------3rd party software
---------------Blank disks, sorted by format, generic (no name) brands, and name brand manufactuers (Sony, TDK, Imitation, etc.)

High Density
-----Same as above

well, in the end, I had 1 more low density disk than I did high. I started with highs first, because I work more with my LC III than with my Plus (which is currently a crap collector. I need to clean it off tommorow).

The 1st disk load is done, and the count is:

60 floppies filed

120+ to go.

so, now I am going to have to get at least 2, maybe 3 more of these things, as I know I will find more disks. now I have to find out how to secure them... -digital Wink

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1 is enough

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