Apple 2 emulator for Linux

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Apple 2 emulator for Linux

I would like help finding and installing an Apple 2 emulator for Linux - more specifically, Ubuntu 22.04 lts

I may need very specific help, as I am far from being a programmer - I don't even know how to compile...





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I use linapple-pie, you can find on github and it builds and runs for me out of the box. So I think you basically clone and make. I am not at my PC now but the steps are approximately:

git clone git

cd linapple-pie



It will boot with its default Master.dsk in drive 1, you use the -1 and -2 switches to set the initial disks e.g.

./linapple-pie -1 lemonade.dsk

You use Ctrl-Alt-F6 to toggle fullscreen and Ctrl-Alt-F10 to quit I think, and possibly Ctrl-Alt-F1 for help, there are other keys to change disks etc. 

Build was easy for me but then again I have most packages on my system already. You might try:

sudo apt install build-essential git libsdl2-dev

but I haven't tested this and I suggest read the INSTALL file in the repo, it will list dependencies. 

Linapple (not pie) does NOT work for me on a recent system. Note Linapple is a port of a very old version of Applewin and it's not super capable. When I want more advanced capabilities e.g. CP/M card, I run Applewin under Wine. This works very well but I am told the audio might be laggy. 

cheers, Nick


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I use KEGS from the Terminal.

I use KEGS from the Terminal.


To use KEGS, you need to get a ROM image.

curl -O

gunzip -vc apple-iigs-rom-03.gz >ROM


You'll probably need a disk.

curl -o dos33.woz


Download the emulator source code.

curl -O

tar -xzf kegs.1.16.tar.gz


Prepare to do some compiling!

rm -v kegs.1.16/src/vars

cp kegs.1.16/src/vars_x86linux kegs.1.16/src/vars


sudo apt-get install libx11-dev

sudo apt-get install libxext-dev

sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev


make -C kegs.1.16/src xkegs


Install it locally.

mkdir -p build

cp kegs.1.16/xkegs ROM dos33.woz build/


Run it!

bash -c 'pushd build; ./xkegs; popd'

F6 toggles the speeds: as fast as possible, 1 MHz, 2.8 MHz, 8 Mhz

F4 brings up the configuration menu

Disk Configuration

s6d1 = dos33.woz

Boot the disk.















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MicroM8 is a good one too.  Easy to get.

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If you are on Ubuntu on an

If you are on Ubuntu on an x86 box...


sudo apt update

sudo apt install build-essential

sudo apt git libzip-dev libsdl1.2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev zlib1g-dev

git clone

cd linapple/


sudo make install



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