2504v Signetics Shift-Register Memory

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2504v Signetics Shift-Register Memory

Hi all,  I have 7 of these currently on eBay and thought you guys might be interested.  Willing to post globally. 




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2504v Signetics Shift-Register Memory - tested or untested ?

In post #1, particle wrote:


"I have 7 of these currently on eBay and thought you guys might be interested"


Uncle Bernie comments:


Whether somebody is interested, will depend on whether you have tested these ICs to work, preferably in an Apple-1 clone (or original).

If they are untested and in unknown condition, your price is far too high.

If they however are tested and known to work in an Apple-1, your price is far too low (note the 1976 date codes, these command a premium).


As far as my experience with these Signetics 2504V/1404 goes, I've seen bad lots with ~50% bad ones and good lots with ~3% bad ones, and, of course, lots of Chinese counterfeits which were re-stamped 555 timers or worse. These fakes get hot and melt the IC sockets in the Apple-1.


So where do these ICs you offer  come from ? Out of China ? Or did they wait in an U.S. or UK warehouse since they were made ?

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2504v dc 76



I can help, if someone needs more 2504v with dc76.

I don't want to sell. I would like to trade for other date-correct Apple-1 parts (ICs, caps, voltage regulatores, sockets etc.).

Please send me a PM, if you are interested and let me know what you can offer. 


I have sent some to Unlce Bernie  and they survived his burn-in tests! But anyway, I will always add a spare one to any set of 7 for free.



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