The 6502 on Apple 1

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The 6502 on Apple 1

I have been of the impression that all Apple 1's were with white 6502's in ceramic packaging until I saw this picture of Woz holding an Apple 1 on this page:


It certainly looks like the 6502 there is black and not white. Is this a one-off or were there others?

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I'm pretty sure the ~175

I'm pretty sure the ~175 Apple-1 boards that were fully populated for sale had white ceramic 6502's (MOS for the early boards and Synertek in the later NTI boards like mine). Some number of boards were unsold and had not had all ICs populated. I believe the board in the photo is one of those that was populated at a later date using plastic 6502 CPUs. My understanding is that the framed board was a gift to Woz from members of the Apple II team.

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